2nd Annual Diaper Drive Challenge

Challenge Someone

Post a video, picture, or text on Facebook challenging a person or business to donate to #lozdiaperchallenge2020.  Be sure to use this hashtag so we can track challenges and acceptances.

* Let them know they have 24 hours to accept and donate.  

* If they do not meet the time frame or do not wish to donate; they must post a picture of themselves on Facebook wearing a diaper (we will provide) over their clothes.

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Accept a Challenge

* Post a video, photo, or text of you accepting the challenge using hashtag #lozdiaperchallenge2020


*If you decline to donate or miss the 24 hour deadline, you must post a picture of yourself in a diaper (we will provide) over your clothes.

*This is also the perfect time to call out and challenge someone else to donate!  Keep the fun going.  

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Ways to Donate




We take sizes newborn to size 6, any brand.  Donations of 2500 diapers or more will go out to families with your name or logo.  We will also keep statistics on how many families your donations help.




Paypal: jessica@changingtable.org 

Click this link: https://www.changingtable.org/donate

Mail to us: email jessica@changingtable.org for our address

We will pick up checks as well.

Any amount counts as a donation!  

Donations over $100 will receive an application for tax credits.  Missouri Income Tax Credits mean that 50% of your donation could be removed from your MO income tax bill.   For instance, if you donate $1000, you can apply to have $500 of real money taken off of your tax bill.  This helps you control where you pay your tax money to and keeps some of it local.

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We added a fun twist to the diaper drive this year.  


The person or business who challenges the most people will win a classic 2020 gift: a package of toilet paper


*challenges must be accepted to count.

*challenges and acceptances must be posted on Facebook with hashtg #lozdiaperchallenge2020 so we can track it.  

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Christmas Photo Facebook Post.png