How Do Diapers Get Distributed?

     The Changing Table partners with like-minded organizations in the lake area to distribute diapers through.  We call these organizations our Community Partners. Community Partners order diapers from The Changing Table.  Some order weekly and others order monthly depending on their needs.  Each Community Partner sets up their own criteria for disbursement.  We serve many different types of organizations so each one has a different limit they will give out to each family.  

How We Started

Why Do We Use Community Partners?

     We do not distribute diapers to individuals because we believe this is doing families a disservice.  We feel that providing diapers to families is an essential part of helping them out of the poverty cycle.  Our community partners ensure that the families who receive diapers are also receiving support in the other areas of their life that are contributing to being stuck in the poverty cycle.  We also feel that using community partners helps eliminate more obstacles for families to have to  navigate.  For instance, if a family is struggling with diapers they are also likely struggling with food, clothes, or other household needs. 

     Our community partners help with many of these so by providing the community partner with diapers a family can go to one organization instead of multiple.  Building relationships with our community partners is also a key to the success of our community as a whole.  When organizations can come together for a common goal a much bigger impact can be made.

     In 2016 Jessica was looking for a way to give back during the holiday season.  She knew food, clothes, and Christmas presents were always a big need this time of year.  She also knew many places that helped provide those services. One day as she was buying diapers for her son and it came to her attention that diapers were not covered by any government assistance program.  This was unacceptable in her mind. Diapers are a basic need and to think families who are already struggling to provide food were also having to pay full price for diapers was infuriating to her. She walked into Hy-Vee in Osage Beach and asked if they would allow her to do a diaper drive so that she could collect diapers for local families in need.  She paired up with School of the Osage and Camdenton Parents as Teacher’s groups. In just a short day and a half joined by several volunteers they were able to collect about 20,000 diapers. The next year she joined forces with Hy-Vee and local volunteers to do the same diaper drive. By 2018 she grew more and more aware of the serious need for diapers and how diapers are a large component in the poverty cycle for families with young children. 

     In November of 2018 The Bottom Dollar Bootyque was born. A place where families could donate items related to pregnancy and early childhood, volunteer their time, and raise money and awareness for the diaper need in the lake area. Proceeds from the “boutique” help buy diapers for local families which are then distributed through organizations who provide help to families with young children.

     In the fall of 2019 the Bottom Dollar Bootyque closed the thrift store because the diaper movement was taking off and the volunteers needed more time to focus on distribution.  The name was changed to, "The Changing Table," to better reflect the mission.We are passionate about helping families climb out of the poverty cycle by helping provide our community partners with diapers.  Through diaper drives, donations, and grants we are going to close the diaper gap in the lake area.

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