Volunteer Opportunities

In order to effectively distribute diapers to our partner agencies we sort diapers into different sizes and bundles.  Each month our community partners will place an order for diapers.  During the second week and beginning of the third week of the month we work on preparing those diaper orders for distribution.  Volunteers will be sorting diaper boxes by size, removing diapers from box, and putting into bundles of 7 or 10. 

Diaper Sorting

Volunteers can help deliver diapers to our partner agencies when their order is ready.  Most partner agencies will pick up their order at our location so we need a volunteer at our location to help make sure each partner picks up the correct order.

Diaper Delivery

We are looking for qualified volunteers to teach a class on subject matter that would be beneficial to families with young children.  We would like to be able to offer a different specialty class each month.  Some class topics we are interested in offering are: cloth diapering, water safety, budgeting, nutrition for children, job interview skills, building a resume, child proofing your home, CPR, etc.


We work with partner agencies (other non profits, clinics, schools, etc) in order to distribute diapers.  We are looking for volunteers who are skilled at networking, follow-up, and communication.  This is something that can easily be done from home.  It's important to make sure our partner agencies are taken care of and followed-up with.  Having volunteers take the time to build these relationships is important to both the community partner and The Changing Table.

Community Partner Outreach

Since we are a nonprofit we rely heavily on fundraisers and special events.  A few times through the year we will be asking for volunteers to help us with these.  The jobs and times will differ depending on what the event is.

Fundraising/Special Events

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