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Why does The Changing Table Partner with other organizations?

Become A Community Partner

     If families are struggling to provide diapers for their children they are likely struggling with many other needs essential for health and well-being. Because of this, The Changing Table works exclusively with community distribution partners--adding diapers to the list of services our partners can provide--rather than distributing diapers directly to families.

     By working with partners, The Changing Table avoids creating a new distribution system--but more importantly, strengthens the programming of our partners, allowing them to make diapers available to their families. When families don’t have to worry about where to get diapers they are free to focus more intention and effort on meeting the goals of their engagement in our partner programs. Put simply: diapers strengthen the lives of both the organizations with whom we partner, and the lives of the families who receive them. 


If you represent and organization that is in need of diapers to better serve your members; we'd love to help.  Enrollment is now open for partnerships.

To become a community partner please follow these steps:

Click "Community Partner login" in the upper right hand corner of this page

"Sign Up" (this will send us a request to approve your login)

Once the request is approved (typically within a few minutes), use those login credentials to login.

Click the drop down arrow by your name and choose "application"

Fill out the application and agreement

Go to "order/distribute"

Read the information and watch the videos

Someone will reach out to you when your application is approved.  At that point you will be able to submit an order.

Current Community Partners:

Camdenton Parents as Teachers

School of the Osage Parents as Teachers

Morgan County Parents as Teachers

Share the Harvest

Central Missouri Foster Care Association

Citizens Against Domestic Violence

Lake Regional Clinics in Lake Ozark, Eldon, Camdenton, Laurie, Lebanon, Iberia, and Osage Beach

Central Missouri Community Action

Free Women's Clinic of Pulaski County

Morgan County Health Department

Miller County Board-Disabled

Central Ozarks Medical Center clinics in Camdenton, Osage Beach, and Richland

New Life Ministries

Eldon School  District

Children's Learning Center 

Hope House

Food 4 Morgan County

First Baptist Church of Sunrise Beach

First Steps

Fostering Together-Pulaski County

Pettis County Community Partnership

St. Robert First Assembly of God

Please keep checking back as we are actively adding new partners.